In a day and age where so much of what we use on a daily basis is sold pre-fab from big box stores, we wanted to be different. We wanted to make custom-built products affordable, to employ local workers, and to support local suppliers. And we’ve done it.

We are very proud to say that all Ceanesse products are custom designed and crafted right here on Vancouver Island by members of the same communities as our customers.


When it comes to cabinets, whether for a kitchen, bathroom, or office, there is no such thing as a “set size.” Walls are seldom completely straight, even in brand-new buildings, and room layout and space requirements are unique to every project. With pre-fab cabinets, fillers are used to make the cabinets fit, when really, they don’t. And that wasted space can make big difference to appearance and functionality.

At Ceanesse, we keep fillers to a minimum by measuring and fitting every cabinet to your space. Each piece is precision cut, and only the necessary hardware holes are drilled. All cabinets have solid backs for a more durable, better-fitting result.

And when every cabinet has been custom built and finished to suit your project, you can bet it looks great, provides more useable space, and lasts years longer than anything from a box.


Wall beds, bookcases, media centres, desks/workspaces, and tables/benches — built-in furnishings beautifully enhance a home and can be designed to maximize useable space in any room. Or it can convert room: how about a wine cellar or a cigar room or a pantry with a hidden door? Whatever you are imagining, bring us your ideas, as well as magazine clippings, Pinterest images, or even sketches on a napkin, and let’s talk about how to make it happen!

As with cabinets, when you have furnishings custom built and finished to suit your space, you get a more precise fit and a gorgeous result. And with custom-built, you never have to worry about bolting wobbly bookcases to the wall to prevent them from toppling over.

Materials, Hardware, and Finishes

In some ways, when it comes to Ceanesse products, anything is possible. Whatever you are imagining, we are happy to accept the challenge. However, we do have some rules.

One of our guiding principles is to make custom-built products affordably and locally. Our cabinets and furnishing are made right here on Vancouver Island from an environmentally friendly, highly durable, engineered wood that is Carb 2 compliant, which means ultra-low formaldehyde emissions. And because it is made from leftover wood, there is no waste and no additional logging. Our local suppliers source the best-quality products available made in a way we can all feel good about.

The countertops we recommend are also manufactured locally, either in our own facility or from suppliers here on the Island who we know will do a great quality job.

If you choose, cabinet doors can be solid oak, cherry, maple, walnut, or other woods — or we can finish them to look that way. Matching veneer is used on all other facing sides for a seamless appearance and more eco-friendly product.

All the paints and lacquers we use come from Columbia Paints and Industrial Supplies, a Vancouver Island company we are proud to work with. Finishes run the gamut from melamine is any colour to painted and glazed. In fact, any colour you want, we can match: we’ve even colour-matched to an orange peel, a rubber boot, and a vest.

Our hardware — drawer slides, hinges, and pulls — comes from Blum Canada. These top-quality products are available in three levels of options, including almost 100 designs with our standard package, plus two levels of upgrades.

So while we are happy to design and built anything you like, in any way you want, we are going to stick to our guns when it comes to choosing locally sourced materials whenever possible.